BBS at Caspian College

BBS College

Caspian Valley College (CVC) stands on a glorious educational history, making it one of the best and most sought out BBS / MBS college in Kathmandu and ultimately in Nepal. Since its inception in 2005, there has been no respite in its educational achievement. It is conveniently located at Kumaripati, Lalitpur. Its mission is to be the top college of Nepal. Its success has been proven by the board toppers that it has consistently produced. 

We claim ourselves to be the best management college in Kathmandu. We are well reputed and well known in the field of management studies. We have already produced competent managers and industrialists who have significantly contributed to the building of the nation. At present, ours is the institution which contains the highest number of students in the management faculty in Nepal which testifies to the students’ and guardians’ trust in us. One of our hallmarks is that this college offers best education in affordable fees.

We are not at all hesitant to admit that the bases of this trust are our sincere work and the resultant achievement in the past. We have always worked to the highest satisfaction of the students, providing not only a constant guidance in their curricular problems but also helping them form the strength of character and the vision required to face the competitive world of today.

We are one of the most popular colleges in Kathmandu. Your own observation of the college premises and academic activities may satisfy your curiosity and take away the doubts you might have. Higher education, being a matter of utmost importance, should not be decided on somebody’s say-so. Please, visit us and decide for yourselves why we are one of the best BBS colleges in Kathmandu, Nepal.