MBS at Caspian College

Caspian has offered MBS program for the last ten years. In offering this program, we have always made it a point to make it the best and at the same time affordable to the common Nepali students. As a result, it has become the best choice of the students.

Most of the MBS students are jobholders who take this course to boost their career. So it has to be the best and at the same time customized to their time constraints. Keeping this in mind, we offer the best faculty who belong to the various fields of study. Our teachers offer theoretical knowledge, and at the same time provide the students all the necessary assistance to face the Board exams. Seminars and workshops are regularly held to strengthen the theoretical knowledge of the students. Field visits are another hallmark of this program. This is the reason why we have continuously produced Board toppers in the last couple of years.

This program runs from 6 am to 9 am without a break. Students have to be punctual and regular. As Master’s Degree is a specialized course, it needs daily study and homework. This is the reason why we emphasize on punctuality and regularity on the parts of the students.

MBS at Caspian is different from the rest for the following reasons:

Prospective students can always contact our staff or founder members to get more information about the program. We will be happy to explain why you should join MBS at Caspian and not anywhere else. Since a Master’s Degree impacts the success of a student in life, your decision should come after a careful observation.