caspian activitiesAttendance


Absence from classes may disrupt students’ continuity of studies. Therefore, absenteeism is strictly discouraged. Authorized bodies will supervise such activities closely. Absenteeism is reported regularly to the respective parents and guardians.



Further Programmes




Teaching Pedagogy


An academic institution only can achieve its goal of imparting quality education when it has appropriate pedagogy. In this 21st century, there is a tough competition in each and every field. So to give best to our students, we have applied different teaching methodologies.


Project work and presentation:


Project work and presentation play vital role to make our students confident and competent. This technique enhances our students’ research and analytical ability.



Personal counselling:


Caspian Valley College has separate counselling department with well-trained counsellors for addressing issues that are encountered inside or outside the college premises. The issues regularly encountered are general fear, peer relationship, academic degradation etc. The college counsellor investigates issues individually and makes a proper intervention plan involving the parents, teachers and students.


Field visit and excursions:


We always provide our students with field visit and excursion opportunities to make them confident and to provide them practical knowledge of whatever they have learnt theoretically in classes. Our students visit various hotels, different factories, corporate companies, hydro power projects, bio-diversity conservation areas etc. The college management believes that such a visit plays an important role to boost up the confidence of students. This ultimately assists them to become a competitive and professional scholar in future.


Examination and evaluation:


Both written and oral tests are conducted to increase the confidence of students to face exams and also to test their learning. The written tests include unit tests, monthly tests, terminal tests and pre-board tests. The College Management will provide students’ progress report manually and electronically. Students must qualify each exam conducted by the college to appear in the board examination.



Workshop and seminar:


Caspian College has well-trained and experienced teaching faculties. Furthermore, we conduct regular workshops and seminars by resource persons to update teaching methodologies and class delivery skills as per the expectations of our parents and students. We also conduct subject specific training by experts as well as comprehensive training by scholars.